Fisher ABC


Acquiring antiques and collectibles can be fun but is often time-consuming and fraught with many difficult variables to manage. Fisher Antique provides a brokerage service for collectors who are looking to acquire an item from a private source or sell pieces from their collections. We have a large group of clientele at any given time including individuals, estates or dealers looking for the right piece or fit for a specific collector. 

The Brokerage service is a commission-based fee which is included in the sales item’s cost. Once the parties agree to the cost, the item goes through an authentication process by an outside expert if necessary. Typically, this is paid for by the buyer. Once the parties agree to the sale, the money is transferred from the buyer and is held in escrow by Fisher Antique until the piece is delivered from the seller to Fisher Antique and accepted by the buyer. Once the buyer has accepted the piece, the buyer’s funds are released to the seller and distributed, and the transaction is concluded. 

If you are looking to sell or find a specific piece or item . Please contact us  We may have an option for you outside traditional auctions.


Client Agency

Many affluent collectors across the county don’t have time to continue the engrossing work of building their collections, or they would like to remain anonymous. They are looking for a consultant to work with them to find, purchase and sell their collections. Because of the enormous time involved, Fisher Antique provides client agency for a very small group of clientele. 

The agency is a monthly retainer based on length of time hired and a commission on sales and purchases made. This is a complete fiduciary relationship with the client as their agent, similar to hiring a professional such as a lawyer. When working with Fisher Antique, you can expect us to:

  • Develop a strategic plan based on client’s objectives for collecting 
  • Provide an expert review of current collection 
  • Represent your interests at all auctions 
  • Continually research the open market for targeted items 
  • Find, research, and hire professional experts if needed
  • Provide bi-weekly written update of current market and opportunities

Fisher Antique takes great pride in representation of its clientele. Having worked as a consultant for over 25 years, it is an honor to develop a strategic partnership to help clientele and collectors looking for this level of service.

Please contact us for an in-depth discussion and review.